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245 Seafood Restaurant

Top seafood restaurant in Ho Chi Minh city which provides preimum crab & goat meats.


Top seafood restaurant in town demands to have an interactive solutions for table booking, checking out menu, branches.

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Product

1. Case study

Starting off the process by researching the local competitors, our goal is to help the client to adverstise our client's premium seafood, reserve table online, send food order enquiries, and reach potential customers who love seafood and goat meats.

2. Result

Our team successfully gain trust of our client as the first step by providing multiple benefits and solutions for their business. We help to generate their more reservation leads, create partnership along photoshoot on restaurant's events.

3. Experience

We successfully deliver the branding services and beautiful website that works great to our client. By working closed with our partner, our expert team also gain more experience about F&B industry.

Project Details

Client: De & Cua 245 Restaurant - Trieu Giang Co. LTD

Date: 7th August, 2018

Online: www.laude.vn

The best quality and premium seafood and goat meats in town demand the professional website solution and multi-functional reservation booking application. Providing SEO packages along with Google Analytics reports every weeks.
The project was developed within 2 months from scratch. The design process was strictly followed to ensure the product quality. After consultation, we worked closedly with client for brainstorming the ideas. Then the designers took months to develop and mockup the project before provide 3 rounds of product revisions. We're glad that the product was delivered successfully with super satisfied feedback from our clients.

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