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Tung Wang Steel Company Limited

Newly establish in 2019, Tung Wang Steel Co., LTD known as a Professional Steel Trader and Stockholder that provides huge variety of professional steel service.
Project Details

Client: Tung Wang Steel Co., LTD

Date: 7th August, 2019

Online: https://tws.com.vn

Newly established in 2019, Tung Wang Steel known as a Professional Steel Trader and Stockholder that provides huge variety of professional steel service.
The project was designed and developed within 3 months from scratch. The design process was strictly followed to ensure the product quality. After consultation, we worked closedly with client for brainstorming the ideas. Then the designers took months to develop and mockup the project before provide 3 rounds of product revisions. We're glad that the product was delivered successfully with super satisfied feedback from our clients. Check out our work process below.

1. Discovery Meeting

Starting off the process by researching the local competitors, our goal is to help the client to adverstise our client's premium seafood, reserve table online, send food order enquiries, and reach potential customers who love seafood and goat meats.

2. Strategy Plan

We’ll do initial research of your local competitors and pick-out the best user-module for your website structure. During this phase, we generate a site map to work as blueprint for the overall structure of your site. This helps us to document functionality and establish what your site users will need.

3. Style Tiles

With Strategy and planning well underway, we’ll bring your brand online by working with color palettes, typography and textures. This allow us to choose the best suitable colors and typography for your brand.

4. Prototyping

Using a grid based HTML5 system, we’ll begin to build our your website architecture, layout templates and content management. You’ll be able to see your working website prototype and interact with it on 1st round revision.

5. Development

Taking the prototypes and style tiles, we pull together the final creative vision for your website. We actually apply coding from homepage designs and interior style guide, to hover states and typographic styles.
  • Video Background Composer

  • Coding Development

6. Mobile Responsive

Using the latest CSS3 techniques, we ensure the styles are applied globally and systemically, so that your site is flexible and scalable without any developer intervention. In addition, it’s our responsibility to ensure it’s cross browser and cross device compatible.
  • Website Responsive on Multi Devices

    Responsive showcase

7. Quality Assurance

We’ll migrate the contents and typically squash an bugs as them come up. We ensure the contents work excellent with quality of the website functions. We’ll also migrate the blogs and related news of your existing contents to help you polish your site to a high gloss.
  • We optimized website performance by consecutively running performance report from Authorized Vendor

    performance report

8. Deployment and Maintenance

Now that all the contents are in the site that has been quality assured and tested. We create a launch plan to publish your brand to the public. We’re ensure analytics are in place and that your site is submitted to appropriate search engines so it’s ready to work for your business.
  • Provided scalable, highly available and fault-tolerant Infrastructure architect for the best performance Web Application 24/7.

    ha architecture

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